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About Reflexology

What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is a pressure point somatic technique, distinctly different from massage.  Reflexology works from within and seeks to tap into the energies flowing through the body.  It is more closely related to acupuncture, and can affect every organ, gland and system in the body.


Reflexology delivers specific pressures to specific points on your feet, hands, ears and more.  These points are found using the bones as trail guides for precision.  Deep relaxation promotes healing on every level.

Health is an ongoing process.

Reflexology is both art and science.  It is the perfect synthesis of body and energy work.

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The only ARCB Nationally Board Certified Reflexologist in South Dakota.

I have been practicing Reflexology in Pierre, South Dakota for 19 years.  I am the only ARCB  nationally board certified practitioner in the state.  I make it a point to attend continuing educational conferences and classes every year.  If you are looking for a qualified, competent, experienced and skilled practitioner, look no further.

Learn about Reflexology by visiting these sites.

Reflexology Association of America - http://reflexology-usa.org

American Reflexology Certification Board - http://reflexology-usa.org

National Council Reflexology Educators - https://www.reflexedu.org

International Council of Reflexology - http://www.icr-reflexology.org

If you are interested in finding a professional reflexology school, please visit this comprehensive site:   https://reflexology-school-listings.com

Winter Special

Buy five half-hour gift certificates and get  the sixth one free.  You can use the extra one yourself or give it away.  Experience reflexology this summer.

Now Accepting Credit Cards

I am now able to accept credit cards.  I am using the Square system, if you have any questions about Square please ask.


Question:  Do I need to shave my legs before coming in for a session?

Answer:  No!  In fact, I ask that you do not shave the day of or even the day before a session. Shaving may cause micro abrasions, and there is not a single reason to shave before a reflexology session.

Question:  Do I undress for a reflexology session?

Answer:  No, you don't have to remove anything but your socks and shoes.  However, I do work from the knee down, so most people remove their slacks as it gets uncomfortable to bunch them up at the knees.  You are always provided with a sheet to get under, so it is completely up to you.

Question:  Do I need to tip my reflexology practitioner?

Answer:  Please never feel that you need to tip .  Tipping is a nice way of letting your practitioner know that you appreciated your session.  But it is neither required or expected. 

Question:  Will  I feel tired after a reflexology session?  

Answer:  Each person is different, some people leave a reflexology session deeply relaxed and some are energized and renewed after a session.  I have never had a client report feeling drained.  More often than not they report feeling roundly relaxed, rejuvenated and revitalized.


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Services Available


A half-hour session usually focuses on hands or feet only.  It is a great way to get a quick boost during a work day.  Often clients chose to come once a week.  Its a good amount of time to work with problem areas.   Easy in and out, very well may turn into the  the best half hour of your day.

Full Hour

The full hour offers deep relaxation.  There is time for work to be done on the hands and ears.  Warm cloths, stones and oils are applied.  Easily making it the very best hour of your day.

Ninety Minute

A ninety minute session is offered for those who want extra pressure point work and deep relaxation.  May turn out to be the best ninety minutes of your week.

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Cash, Check or Credit Cards are accepted. The Square credit card processing is used.


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